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Multiple Landing Pages

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I'm wondering if it's possible to create multiple landing pages targeted towards specific customers for our shopify site. We sell furniture and I'd like it so each a customer looking for office furniture, a customer interested in home furniture, and gaming customers would all have their own landing page tailored to their interests. We would likely need 3-4 separate landing pages with their own domains connected to our site. Is this possible to do, if so, how would we go about implementing this?


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 yes, you can make multiple landing pages on your shopify, but there are limitations to what you can do & if you want to scale your online store to a new market, you will need landing pages app or builders. such as Shogun, or Pagefly.

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Sure! You can create landing pages with daily deal products, perfect for email, or social media advertising campaigns.

If you are not sure about the method that can best help you address some desired functionality, you have questions or you are just looking for consultation for your Shopify store, feel free to contact Whidegroup anytime.

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Thank you @kelvinpeter for mentioning us!

Yes @kyle_spellicy you can have many landing pages with the corresponding country/ domain you want. You can build a landing page with PageFly Free Page Builder - 24/7 support live chat and then export to other stores that also install PageFly for Free!

You can check our video on creating a landing page with PageFly


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Hey there, you can do this by creating different landing pages with the custom domains and the redirect the customers to your store, but for this you have to buy custom domains and create different landing pages rathere then shopify, But I would suggest you to make different sections into your shopify store for different type of products such as collections and you can create specific landing page for each, by using a good shopify page builder such as Layoutbase

which can make your work easy and handy with any coding by using the drag & drop features, Thanks

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