Multiple Set Products on One Page

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I'd like to add a full product (the same one) as an extra product on my default product template. Can anyone help/advise?


I know I can add a "featured product" but this strips out all the info I need (sidenote the extra product is customisable and uses Hulk Apps product options)


Scenario -


Customer selects garments - adds to cart

Scrolls down to the second product which is a means of customising said garments

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Hi @farmerdesign,

So, if I understand correctly, you're currently facing a limitation with the featured product due to your product options app not supporting the display of custom options on it. In such a scenario, you might want to explore using the Easify Product Options app as an alternative. As of now, this app allows for the display of custom options on the featured product but exclusively on the home page. If this aligns with your requirements, you may request to have the featured product showcased on the product page.

To better assist you, could you kindly share your website with us? This will help us gain a deeper understanding of your products and specific needs.

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