Multiple websites from single account

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I have 2 websites - one is e-commerce and one is Static which will display only product catalogs.

I need to know if the following is possible with Shopify - 


1. Can I have e-Commerce with domain1 and static websites pages with domain2 in Shopify itself?

2. If yes, can the static website have its own Homepage, about, product catalog and contact pages tied to different domain and e-Commerce pages totally on different domain ?

3. If 1 and 2 are possible then I would like to have them in such a way that the two sites look totally different and are not interconnected when browsed although the products displayed in catalog will come from the same database.

4.  If 1 and 2 are possible, then is it possible to have product catalog pages tied to login/registration meaning only people who register and their registration is approved can see the product catalog page on static website?


Please let me know if this is possible. If not, may be we will sort out some other solution on other platforms.