My imported csv products are not showing.

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I have uploaded 33 products on my website today and received an email saying that the import was successful, but they aren't there when I searched them. I tried reuploading them again and I received another email saying that the products I was trying to upload already exists.

Is this some kind of server hangtime or error? Should I give it some time for it to show?
Thank you

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Hi John!

Kerstin here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

Once you successfully upload your products via CSV file, they should be there right away. Because your question is specific to your store, feel free to contact our support channels (either chat, phone, or email) and we'll be able to look at your store and help you sort this out.

All the best,

Kerstin | Shopify Guru

Kerstin | Shopify 
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I fixed the problem by checking the overwrite and importing the same csv file.
I still don't know what caused it to not appear during the first upload though. :)

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I got the Sucess message that CSV imported successfully but I am not able to see my products 

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Ive got similar issue. Importing file, got email confirming its done but not all products are showing. After doing it again few more items show up but only few. Did this like 6 times already and still got about 400 more products to import. everything in the file is correct. Anyone knows whats up with this? thanks 

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We're having the same issue. Uploaded the CSV file, it says "Products Imported", but nothing is actually imported; only the "Collections" got added. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Managed to fix this. You need to add the word "Title" in Option1 Name and "Default Title" in Option1 Value. This worked for me! 

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My solution was:

Imported products were not published on any of the channels.

Select Product -> More Actions -> Add available channel(s) to add it to Online Store or any other sales channel


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This is likely due to improper formatting of your CSV file. Check your email, you should get an email every time you import a CSV to your shopify store. It will explain the errors. In my case it was having the Option1 Name more than once—you can only have it for the first variation of each product, it should not be relisted for each variation. The column title also had a space between Option 1, it needs to be "Option1 Name"

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Only the Option 1 Value should be listed for each Variant and space removed from Option 1: 

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I'm sure there are a lot of different reason this happens, but checking my upload emails let me know that some of my variant image URLs weren't working. This would keep any of the variants and the entire product from being created. Once I fixed the URL variants everything was fine. Luckily this is my smallest product sheet, but learning more about excel has helped me deal with these things. Hope this helps someone!