My Instagram shopping tags are not visible to others

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I have been trying for over a month  to get my Instagram shopping tags and shop to show up.  I'm just wondering if it's just me? 

The Metaverse or whatever they are calling themselves these days say my issue is a "rare and complex occurrence"

They have concluded that I have everything set up properly and have all of the necessary permissions.  My shop is visible to me.  I can tag products.  When I tag, they shop up fine on the associated facebook page.  There is nothing on Instagram that indicates to others that I even have a business on Instagram.  All of my posts just look like pictures.  

I have tried everything conceivable but wonder if there is something I am missing. 

Normally, I am not bothered by these things and I just move on but my Instagram buyers place larger orders than my facebook buyers and I'd like to market more to this audience.  

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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