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My product on a partners website but orders get fulfilled through mine?

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A potential business partner would like my product to be integrated on their website in checkout, however they would like the order to be fulfilled though mine. Has anyone ever implemented something like this before and if so what is the most efficient way this could be done?

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If you want the order to be created in your admin, you can do this with a custom app.


Here's how it would work:

1) You create a private app in your store to generate API keys to be able to programmatically create orders.


2) On their site the custom app will see the order, then use the API keys to create the order in your Shopify store. You then fulfill as you wish.


If you don't have a developer and want to go this route, feel free to reach out to my team at We regularly build custom apps like this for Shopify store owners.


If you don't want to go custom app route, here are a couple other ideas:

a) If your partner is on a Shopify store, they can use Order Automator app to automatically send order details for you to you, and have a place for you to update tracking. This method would be them accepting payment, you fulfilling the order and the customer communications happening via their website.


b) If they want the customer to check out on your website, they could create a link to your site that includes a referral code, and then in your site you can set up some code in your theme to add the referral to the order properties so you know it came from them.




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