My shipping is posting as $0, Economy

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I don't know where to find a setting. When "some people" checkout they get Economy shipping which ends up costing $0. (help)   "My customer paid $0 for economy shipping but it actually cost me $$."


I saw where someone previously asked this and Shopify replied:

  • A link to the product, along with the shipping region your customer used - Happened with several orders, various products. (Shopify says to not show public info...)
  • If you have been able to recreate the issue through testing the product at checkout yourself. Don't know how to do that.
  • How do you have shipping rates set up for your product, particularly the product that was sold? 
  • Are you using Shopify's built in shipping profiles? yes.
  • If you are using shipping profiles, a screenshot example of the rate that should have applied at checkout. I don't know where to find this. 



It is posting as Economy shipping. Two different orders last two days

12 cups/8 coasters

4 shirts




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