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so.. my first account issue is i choose inactive shop , where my first shop get error by changing credit card. so i went in Bing then i logging in again and i choose active shop that have same email and sam domain but ,,, thats why my shop is refresh again like the beginning ... so i lost all my product , collection, and theme that i've not downloading (CRYYYY) ah... i'm sick of this !! i get frustrated i must restart and Redesign my shop again (i extremely exhausted)

i've get email about billing payment , and of course i will paying the bill. But problem came to me

Screenshot (457).pngScreenshot (456).png


when i click the retry payment.. something same happen ... my shop still locked

Screenshot (458).png


i was contact support Shopify but its still so slow to responses this problem , i want to pay the bill quickly and get my shop BACK AGAIN !!


anybody please HELP ME !! hope you understand my problem

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Glad to help you today.


If your Shopify store is unavailable, it may be due to a number of reasons, including:
– Your domain may have expired
– Your hosting plan may have expired
– You may have reached your bandwidth limit
– There may be an issue with your payment gateway
– You may have forgotten to renew your SSL certificate
If you are unsure why your store is unavailable, please contact Shopify Support for further assistance.


I hope the above is useful to you.
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The same exact thing happened to me yesterday, How did it all work out for you?