My Shopify store got cloned and looking to rebuild Google results!

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Help! We noticed our Shopify store of 11 years got cloned, using a very similar url. Hosted out of Canada but the owners are in Malaysia. We submitted the DMCA take-down notice with Shopify, who can't help because they are not a Shopify store - they just look like it because their site is a mirror of ours. We have reported to search engines, but their host is Cloudflare in Canada - which doesn't even give the option for DMCA digitally because they seem to be in the business of hosting fraud accounts. 

*To make matters worse, our Google traffic has tanked. We worry that our traffic is being diverted.  Can anyone recommend a Google Analytics consultant/company that can help us figure out if this is happening, and how to right this? 

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This article has information about submitting a copyright infringement on Google:


Not sure exactly what you reported to search engines but I would cross-check with that guide to see if you've done what they suggest (could also contact them, since they wrote on the topic they've probably done it a few times before).


Another idea, reach out to Shopify podcast hosts. They interview various people of different skillsets, so might be able to provide a recommendation on someone that has expertise in this area.


Some Shopify podcasts I'm familiar with:

- You can also do a google search to find more


Good luck

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Thank you for your guidance. I'm in the weeds and appreciate your help!

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Hello @LD_LTS ,
We are facing the same issue. We've already reported the situation to Google, submitted the DMCA take-down notice, and reported to Cloudflare, who can't do anything because they're just a pass-through network. The mirror website of my store is hosted on CloudWall Ltd. I would like to know if anyone else can help too.