My Store was frozen after my developer handed it over to me and picked a plan.

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I need help! My store was frozen soon after my developer transferred the site to me, and then I entered my card details to pick a plan. I have no idea what happened. 

I spoke to support, and they said they sent it to the Business Ops team, and I should hear back from them within 72 hours! its more than 72 Hours now ( too long and needs to be escalated)

I got an email yesterday from Shopify Risk saying the Shop is fraudulent. (Violation code: 15.6) Which states it a found have carried out business fraud! Makes no sense at all.
(I haven't even logged in to my Dashboard yet - Only one step of picking my store)

Can someone in the community help me with this? I'm unsure what to do next. I've chatted with Support 3+ times, but I don't understand why I got the above mail, and they want Me to wait for Business Ops. (still waiting)


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Did you solve this issue? 

I'm having the same problem.