My video is taking about 15 sec to load

My video is taking about 15 sec to load

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Hello, I've added a video to my shopify home page and now is taking so much time to load and when it does sometimes it also gets laggy. What should I do?

pass: corqledrop

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If your video is too large, it may drastically affect its loading speed. If this is the case, try to have it compressed. I believe that there are free online tools that can do that for you.



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That's a great suggestion for reducing the size of a video without acknowledging that there is something seriously wrong with the server that stores the videos.    Sometimes they don't load at all, usually they are very slow.   It doesn't matter if they are 1 minute or 1 hour.  1MB or 1GB its all the same.   Storing your content there is free and that's what its worth.  Nothing.   It will cost you customers.   

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Hello @Corqle,

It's flareAI - your Fully Automated Free Sales Machine here. We are helping Shopify merchants provide solutions for the last few years in Shopify Community. I hope my recommendations will be helpful for you.


I have taken a look at your store and your website is loading pretty quickly for me.


Even if your site loads slower it can be due to other factors also. Make sure to follow these tips that help you significantly speed up your Shopify store.


1. Image compression is important and a necessity for faster-loading web pages. Make sure your images are of good quality and do not add too many images on a single page.
2. Reduce the HTTP requests. For example: Combine & inline your CSS scripts
3. Minimize broken links and redirects - Avoid unnecessary Redirects and fix broken links
4. Always choose a theme that is responsive, fast, and takes minimal time to load the page
If you choose a theme with numerous sliders, fancy animations, advanced navigation systems, etc., will affect your page speed. If your theme is loading slowly, consider disabling the theme features you don't need.
5. Use Lazyload wherever required to reduce initial load time
6. Remove all unwanted Shopify Apps which you are not using
You should disable app features you don't use, or you can remove the app if you don't need it. If you are removing an app make sure to remove the code that was added as part of the app install process.
7. You can run the Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome to identify the lines of code that are slowing down pages in your online store.
8. Themes contain CSS, JS, HTML which can increase and affect your store speed. So disable theme features you don't use.
9. Use a System font which is a font that is already installed on most computers. For example Segoe UI, Times New Roman. If you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed. This impacts the time that your store takes to load.
10. Use minified CSS and JS files


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I hope this was helpful! Cheers!



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