My Video Isn't loading for IOS Users!!!

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Hey guys, 

So I decided to put an auto played video on the top of my Homepage, and my current theme is Venture. It looked up how to center the video and make it fit at the top. Now I have a huge problem that I didn't know that was in effect! The video auto played perfectly for all of my ANDROID devices. But for my IOS devices, it doesn't load at all. It just shows an image of the video, and it doesn't play AT ALL for Apple products!!!

Photo for all IphonesPhoto for all Iphones


Is there a code to fix this problem??? And which coding folder do I go to for VENTURE?

Here is my store URL for the home page, which is where the problem exists, and there is NO PASSWORD 

I need help ASAP PLEASE I am still remaining live right now! This is the only obstacle I'm facing before advertising my ads...


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Some browsers block auto play, specifically on mobile because videos are massive files and eat up data.

Some people like videos, some people think they're annoying (you'd have to A/B test auto play vs not and measure the stats to see how your audience perceives them). I wouldn't worry about it, just make sure that if you click the image it plays the video - then the people that want to watch the video will click.

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Hello @CalebW 


Some devices / browser restrict auto play for a couple reasons:

For people that don't have unlimited data, auto playing videos loads huge files that eat up their data, so preventing that prevents them from losing data in their plan


You can also use the below custom code to enable auto play : 

<video controls="" loop="" muted="" playsinline="" autoplay="" src="your_video" width="100%" height="100%"></video>


I hope the above is useful to you.
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Where do you add this code at?