My website is flagged as a scam

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I've had a few people tell me that when they click on my website they get a warning that my website is a scam. The link is However, when I try this link or asked friends to try it they had no problems. I have not had anyone reach out to me about this so I have honestly no idea what to do. 


This is what they told me:

'this site isn't private and may scam your private details' and it wouldn't let me enter the site

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Could be with the internet connection of the people that is accessing your store, as I tried on my end and was not greeted by that error message. As controlled internet connection like work internet connection and public Wi-Fi connections can show that as it is set to their internet restrictions.  It has nothing to do with your store, since your domain is verified!

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Hello @cargallery ,


I’m Gasper from the HapoApps team. It’s bad when your customers meet that issue when trying to access to your site. I also tried entering your site and luckily it works, I don’t see any message or anything that announces your site is a scam. I think that the reason may be that your site is restricted in their Internet areas. 


However, you still need to consider other factors that can cause that problem, and here are some solutions that come to my mind right now:

- Review your website's security features to make sure there are no vulnerabilities. Regularly update any software or plugins you use. You may also want to run a scan for malware, as infected sites can be flagged by browsers and anti-virus programs as potentially harmful

- Use Google Search Console to check for any security issues. If your site has been flagged by Google, there will be a notification in the Search Console, and they'll provide steps for how to resolve the issue.

- Inform your customers that you are aware of the issue and are taking steps to resolve it. Transparency about your efforts can help maintain trust and direct communication is effective in tracking and putting the problem to the table.


Good luck to you and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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