Navigating Chargeback Challenges on Shopify: A Call for Fairer Measures

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, maintaining online stores' integrity and operational fluency is paramount for business owners. Unfortunately, unforeseen challenges, such as chargebacks, can significantly disrupt business operations. Recently, my experience with Shopify's Shop app and its handling of chargebacks has prompted me to share insights and seek a fairer resolution process.


My Shop app was suspended due to a chargeback rate of less than 1% over the last six months. While a sub-1% chargeback rate indicates a well-managed store, the nature of these chargebacks—mostly fraudulent—highlights significant flaws in the current system. This suspension is particularly frustrating, given my store's proactive measures to prevent such issues.


Shopify's policy stipulates that to be listed on the Shop App, a store must maintain a chargeback rate of less than 1%. They only consider chargebacks made with Shopify Payments, including Shop Pay and only those resolved in the customer's favor. However, the policy does not allow merchants to contest these chargebacks' validity once they count against the store's chargeback rate.


This inflexible policy has led to repeated and unwarranted suspensions of my Shop app, impacting my business's visibility and sales. Without the ability to effectively dispute fraudulent chargebacks, merchants like myself are left vulnerable to frequent, unfair penalizations that poorly reflect our store's operational history.


I am advocating for a revision of the current chargeback policy to include:


  1. A Dispute Mechanism: Implement a system allowing merchants to contest chargebacks before they impact their standing, especially in fraud cases.
  2. Transparent Reporting: Enhance transparency around how chargeback ratios are calculated and reported, ensuring merchants have clear insights into their accounts.
  3. Support and Resources: Provide better support resources for preventing and managing chargebacks tailored to the unique challenges online merchants face.

As we advance in the e-commerce landscape, platforms like Shopify must evolve to effectively support their merchants, mainly when dealing with complex issues like chargebacks. By implementing fairer chargeback policies and support systems, Shopify can help ensure that merchants are not unjustly penalized and can continue to thrive in a competitive market.


This issue affects many in our community, and I encourage others to share their experiences and join the call for a more equitable treatment of merchants on Shopify's platform. Your voice can help drive change and ensure a fairer e-commerce ecosystem.

Founder | Deldur Skincare & Beauty
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