Nearly 1000 sessions and no sales. I’m dropshipping. Failed product?

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So I’ve been trying a new product out dropshipping but I’ve gotten nearly 1000 sessions and no sales. Would you class this as a failed product? Some people added to cart but have not checked out but mostly people go off my site after about 20-30 seconds. Failed product or retarget marketing? 

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Hi @ceool 

I'm Not sure yet because it will take time for your ads to learn and optimize to reach correct audience. Give it a shot!

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Ah yes I’ll try improve on my product images also & give it a couple more months. I don’t find it difficult to get traffic but the sales part is a struggle. Thanks 

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The website looks professional but could use some more personality.


I would get a logo and create a compelling About / Mission page and include it in the header. Figure out a way you can tell a story, answer the question "why should I buy from this website instead of a marketplace like Amazon, or some other site that I trust".


Shop Now in the header just goes to a product page, rather than a collection page (which most websites header navigation link to). In your case since you just have 1 product, I would call it something like Blender Details.


You only have 1 product, so try and make that a bonus, maybe write something about how you focus on making the best (ceoolest ;D) portable blender available.


People often don't read product descriptions, so to catch people's attention, include icons and bullet points at the top of the page right by the price. Hook them in with the great features.


While you're in the early stages, you want to be talking to as many prospects and customers as possible. Add a chat app that people can click on the chat bubble to start talking to you. It can be time consuming but will give you valuable insights that you can integrate into your process. Doing things manually at the start of the business, then automating later is a common workflow for success, getting in there and doing things manually and understanding customers can help you understand your system and your audience.


Good luck!

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