Need advice on transitioning a boat tour company website to a new platform?

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Good morning community,

This is Davide from, a boat tour company..

Currently our website is built on WordPress but for so many reasons we are deciding to move it to another platform and we were thinking about Shopify.

Due to that we were also looking for a booking system suitable with our needs.

Before to move our website we would love to receive answers to the following our general questions and our questions regarding our group and private tours.


Group Tours Questions:
In our group tours we do not sell "the entire boat" but we sell available seats on the boat up to an established maximum number. In this regard, during his purchasing process, can a customer reserve one or more available seats? Can the available seats have a different fixed price for adults and children?


Private Tours Questions:
In our private tours we "sell the entire boat" which starts from a base price which increases exponentially as the number of guests on board increases.
For example, if for the Capri private tour the starting price is €500, during his purchasing process, can a customer have a situation like the one described below?
- Booking for 1 guest total price 500€ (price per person 500€)
- Booking for 2 guests total price 600€ (price per person 300€)
- Booking for 3 guests total price 750€ (price per person 250€)
- Booking for 4 guests total price 800€ (price per person 200€)
- Booking for 5 guests total price 1000€ (price per person 200€)
- Booking for 6 guests total price 1200€ (price per person 200€)
- etc etc, up to the established maximum capacity.


General Questions:
1) Our tours have different durations. We have tours that last 2 hours and depart every 2 hours when the previous tour has just finished. We also have tours of 4 hours, 8 hours or 2 and a half hours. Is it possible to set the tour times and therefore their departure based on our preferences?
2) Is it possible to add additional services (single selection and/or multiple selection) to each tour that increase the final cost of the tour? For example, when booking a specific tour, can we add a single-selection item to let the customer choose the boarding point they want from multiple options? Can we set different prices for each option?
Another example could be to add a multiple selection item to allow the customer to add paid extras to the cart such as drinks or other things to find on board on the day of the tour? Can we set different prices for each extra?
3) Is it possible to allow the customer to book the tour and choose the payment method between "cash on board", "payment by card" and "bank transfer"? Is it possible for each tour to decide which types of payment to activate and which not?


Hope to find a positive answer to all the questions above since it’s really in our interest start to work with the features and tools of Shopify.

Waiting for whoever will respond, I wish you a blessed day.


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Hi @ziodave16,

To set up your Tour product on Shopify with custom tour options, you can use the Easify Product Options app.



Here's a quick guide on how to set up your options with the app 😊:

1. Install the app and create a new option set.

2. Add options for:

  • Selecting the number of guests with extra prices for different guest options (use Dropdown or another proper option display type).



  • Choosing the tour duration (2.5 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours) with Radio Buttons.



  • Selecting boarding points (enable multi-select for multiple options) with different prices for each option (use Checkbox).



  • Adding extra services like drinks or onboard amenities, each with an additional price (use Checkbox).



3. Finally, assign these options to the relevant Tour product(s).



The app is user-friendly, so don't hesitate to give it a try 👍!


Regarding your final question about allowing customers to book the tour and choose payment methods (cash on board, payment by card, and bank transfer), Shopify's default features enable you to set this up. 

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Hi @ziodave16 as a booking app with many experience and tour merchants, I think we could help you with this!

1) We support events with multiple durations
2) Each option you want to add can be leveraged with a Shopify product variant (ie. add a drink), where you control the pricing and assign it to the event and schedule of your choice.
3) You can skip the cart or use the Shopify checkout for easy payment collection

Here's an example of a private tour:


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Hi Davide,


BookThatApp could help you to achieve this setup. However, you might need to split up your product into multiple instances. Here's why:


- The "Tour/Activity" booking type would be the best solution. However, it's not possible to set multiple "Durations" for this booking type.

- So, you would need to create a product for each duration (for example: "Private Tour - 2 hour", "Private Tour - 4 hour" and so on).


The "Tour" booking type lets you set your schedule/departure time and it allows you to book multiple variants at the same time; that's if you had additional offerings or had different rates for adults and children.


Seeing that you want to discount your prices based on your group size, you could look into the "Appointment" booking type. This booking type allows you to choose only 1 option for each variant, and restricts your customers from updating the quantity of each variant as the "Tour/Activity" booking type does. I mentioned this because if you are offering these as variants:


- Booking for 1 guest total price 500€ (price per person 500€)
- Booking for 2 guests total price 600€ (price per person 300€)
- Booking for 3 guests total price 750€ (price per person 250€)
- Booking for 4 guests total price 800€ (price per person 200€)
- Booking for 5 guests total price 1000€ (price per person 200€)
- Booking for 6 guests total price 1200€ (price per person 200€)


Then you don't want to have your customer choosing the quantity for each. With the "Appointment" booking type, your customers will choose the variant option matching their group size preference and then they will select their date and time. If you use the "Appointment" booking type, you wouldn't need to create multiple instances of the product, but you would need to update your operating hours to reflect your daily departure times. Also, the app will automatically control the availability of your products based on the bookings it receives.


As for your questions:


1. This is possible with the app. If the departure time depends on the duration, then this isn't something that's done natively, but there are workarounds, such as using resources and/or locations to determine the departure time.

2. This is possible with variants, but would be better with the "Tour/Activity" booking type since it allows you to update the quantity for each variant.

3. This isn't something BookThatApp can do, but you could add "Deposits" to your products and allow your customers to either pay the deposit or pay in full.


The app offers a 10 booking trial, so you could sign up and test it to see if it's a good fit for your business. Feel free to visit their landing page to take advantage of their trial: