Need Help Fixing Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation Error for My Shopify Store

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Hi there!


My Google Merchant Account has been suspended due to a policy violation related to misrepresentation. I’ve reviewed the Misrepresentation policy but still can’t pinpoint what needs to be corrected. Here is my store link:


Google's message indicates the following areas of concern:


  1. Business Identity Transparency: Ensuring clear information about my business identity, model, policies, and customer interaction methods.
  2. Online Reputation: Promoting my store’s online reputation through reviews or badges/seals of approval.
  3. Professional Design: Using a professional design for my online store, including having an SSL certificate.
  4. Business Information: Providing complete business information in the Merchant Center settings.
  5. SEO and Seller Ratings: Following SEO guidelines, improving eligibility for seller ratings, and matching product data between the Merchant Center and my online store.


I have made efforts to address these points, but I am unsure if I have missed anything critical. Could you guys help me identify any specific issues and suggest improvements to comply with Google’s guidelines?


Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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There are numerous reasons why this could occur. Among them are:


1. No page with all of the contact information (email, phone number, address, and contact form) is linked from the footer.

2. Invalid checkout

3. Absence of delivery, privacy policy, terms of service, and refunds websites or links

4. Prohibited goods listed

5. Out-of-stock products is displayed in your store.

6. Not a blog or any material

7. possess several websites

8. No product reviews or orders fulfilled


I strongly advise you to review Google Merchant regulations again. You can also get in touch with the Google Merchant support staff to request an example of a policy infringement that may be the source of this problem.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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