Re: Need help in fixing issue for line breaks and additional spacing between paragraphs in Ella Them

Need help in fixing issue for line breaks and additional spacing between paragraphs in Ella Theme

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Hello, so I have this issue. My product descriptions are all crunched together. I've tried all HTML CSS codes for line break and spacing but nothing seems to work for any of my product descriptions. I've used the following commands to far, but no luck!


<p style="white-space: pre-line;">
First paragraph.

Second paragraph.

Third paragraph.


<p>First paragraph.</p>
<p>Second paragraph.</p>
<p>Third paragraph.</p>


Can someone please help me out? The theme is Ella. Here is the link to one of my products


Please Help!!

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I don't see any product descriptions on your products. Are they still visible?


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If you're experiencing issues with crunched-together product descriptions on your website using the Ella theme, there might be a few possible solutions you can try:

  1. Clearing cache: Sometimes, changes in CSS or HTML might not reflect immediately due to cached versions of your website. Clearing the cache can help ensure that you're seeing the most recent changes. If you're using a content management system (CMS) or a plugin for your website, check the respective documentation on how to clear the cache.

  2. Checking for theme-specific settings: The Ella theme might have its own settings or customization options that control the appearance of product descriptions. Look for theme-specific settings related to text formatting, line breaks, or spacing within the theme's customization options or settings panel.

  3. Inspecting the HTML structure: Use the browser's developer tools to inspect the HTML structure of the product descriptions. This will help identify any conflicting CSS styles or additional HTML tags that might be affecting the spacing. Look for any parent elements that might have styles overriding your desired formatting.

  4. Overriding CSS styles: If the theme's default styles are causing the issue, you can try overriding them with custom CSS. Add the CSS code either in your theme's customization options (if available) or in the custom CSS section if your CMS or website builder provides one. Here's an example of CSS code to add spacing between paragraphs:


cssCopy code
.product-description p { margin-bottom: 10px; }
  1. Contacting theme support: If you've exhausted all possible options and the issue still persists, reaching out to the theme developer's support team can be helpful. They will have a deeper understanding of the theme's structure and can provide specific guidance or solutions tailored to the Ella theme.

Remember to backup your website before making any changes to code or customization options. This ensures that you can revert to a previous working state if anything goes wrong.

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Were you able to get the problem solved?