Need Help Setting up Shipping and Delivery, Duties and Taxes, and Markets

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I am new to Shopify and this is my first store. I would greatly appreciate any instructions I could get on how to set up shipping and delivery. I want to have Free Standard International Shipping and any other suggestions for rates and how to set them up are welcome.


I also need help with duties and taxes. I am just completely lost on what to do here. Do I need to set the tax for every country I want to sell in or do I just need to set it for the United States because that's where I am selling from? I have already gotten a sales tax registration id from my state and included it into my store. That's about the only thing I have been able to figure out in the duties and taxes category. As descriptive as possible for how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.


Lastly, I'm not entirely sure which markets I should set up or I have actually done it correctly. Any help I receive would be amazing. I have been trying to figure this stuff out for about a week and feel I have made no progress. 


Thank you!!

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Hi @jpp3812 

You can setup Free International Shipping in your Settings>Shipping & Delivery>General Profile

Once you are there scroll down till you see your Shipping Zone, likely named Domestic. If you want to add the Rate "Free International Shipping" just click this, and then give the rate that name, and just click done. 


Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 11.40.06 AM.png


If you have conditions based on pricing, select Add Conditional pricing first and add the minimum amount needed to qualify.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 11.39.21 AM.png


Here's an example not exactly for International but would look something like this if you used a mimimum price condition:

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 11.41.08 AM.png

Also, if you're looking for additional shipping discounts you may want to look into using an app like Shipstation.


Hope this helps!