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need help to understand Sessions Converted Vs. Orders

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Perhaps I do NOT understand the funnel concept, so I need some guidance:  In my mynd this is the way it goes:

A) Sessions (the biggest number).

B) Visitors (unique number of people, closely tied to A but slightly smaller).

C) Added to cart---about 5% of "B".

D) Reached checkout----a subgroup of "C", usually about 60%

E) Sessions Converted=Orders----- a subgroup of "D", usually about 85%

F) Conversion rate= E/A


So for the sake of discussion, if I had 11,000 sessions, my numbers would look something like:

Sessions 11,000

Visitors 10,000

Added to cart: 500

Reached checkout:  300

Sessions Converted=Orders:  255.

Conversion Rate:  255/11,000= 2.3%

So, what I am actually finding in my store is that my "sessions converted" is consistently SMALLER than my Actual Orders......but like HALF the size, so I do not understand the funnel.  


Please Help!

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