Need Improvement help for Performance

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Need help improving the performance aspect of my store. Any advice or is there anyone that can help me. 

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Hello Eshanchopra,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!

Well, here are some suggestions that can help you improve the speed and performance of your website on the search engine:

  1. Compress large images on the website. You can consider using SEO tools, like SEOKart, to compress the images without hampering their visual quality
  2. Remove unused or dead JavaScript and CSS from the website (use development tools to identify and remove the unused or dead codes)
  3. You can also compress scripting on the website using the GZIP file format
  4. Reduce the number of redirects on the website, as they increase the waiting time for the users
  5. Utilize CDN (Content Delivery Network), which reduces the distance between the user browser and server
  6. Implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is an open-source Google framework that allows Google to store the cached versions of the pages on the mobile server, and reduce loading time on the mobile devices
  7. Implement lazy loading for advertisements, which is a technique used for increasing the waiting time for certain resources on the website to allow other critical resources to load quickly
  8. Enable browser caching to allow the browser to store the cached versions of the pages
  9. Compress big fonts on the webpage and remove unnecessary glyphs 
  10. Use PageSpeed Insights to identify opportunities to further enhance the website performance and reduce loading time of the website.

Hope it helps!