Need Sales Reports by Channel filtered by location

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We have two physical locations using POS and one online channel from which we fulfill online orders from both physical locations based on inventory at those locations. I need to be able to see Online Sales by Location which currently isn't an option inherent in Shopify (mind blowing as this should be!)

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Hi There,


I think you're mixing terms a bit. The sale is always from your online channel and is then fulfilled by a physical location. It sounds like you are looking for sales based on the location from which the product was fulfilled. There are some edge cases to consider, like what happens when you fulfill an order from two different locations.


Shopify has reports for sales by locations, but not sales based on the fulfillment location. For that you can use one of the reporting apps like Report Toaster, Better Reports, etc.


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Yes that is what I am needing. Sales by fulfillment location. And yes there are times when an order’s fulfillment is split between the two store locations. I need those orders sales broken down and attributed to whatever location they were allocated to ship from.

Most landlords require sales reporting including online orders fulfilled from that physical storefront…it is also a requirement when reporting sales for sales tax purposes.

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Hey @threadfare ,


If you are still looking for a solution to your requirement, we can create a custom sales report by fulfillment locations by fetching the "assigned fulfillment location" for each product you sell.


Please let us know if you need any help. We will be glad to assist.




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