Need separate product pages for colors in combined listing app?

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Asked this question in Shopify Apps community and after 80+ views and no replies, trying my luck here. For anyone approved to use the new combined listings app: We have a t-shirt product page consisting of five colors and each color is available in three sizes. Do we need to separate the colors to be their own product page before using the combined listings app? Said differently, would we need to create a product page for color one (and its three sizes), a product page for color two (and its three sizes), etc.? If so, is there a way to easily separate the five colors (and their sizes) that currently share the same product page so that the colors have their own product page? 

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Hi @Support4ST ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

You don't necessarily need to separate colors into individual product pages to use Shopify's Combined Listings app (still in early access). The app likely allows creating a parent product for the T-shirt and defining color and size options. Child products would then hold inventory and media for each color variation. This simplifies management and improves customer experience.

If you still prefer separate pages (optional), explore Shopify's bulk editor (if available) or third-party apps for product splitting.

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Oh, I understood child products to mean one product page per color variant, but you're saying that the product page as it is now (one page consisting of various colors) is considered a child product page. Is that correct? The app works for online only, but curious if a combined listing will have any impact on POS? Thanks.