Need to make website fast and compliant to new google search algo

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I have tried to get some help with some shopify expert but everyone apart from one expert (who disappeared on me) was able to talk to me in the same language, most didnt know how to deal with specific issues on the website that would cause issues with the new google roll out. 

Currently my website speed is about 17. It needs to be over 50 to be compliant and continue ranking. 

For reference here is what google has published. speed lcp, fid, cls is part of experience

I need an expert to look at my store, clean up unused code that has been lying around for ages, help with images, port to a much cleaner and faster theme and advise on the apps I rely on. Local JS on page level is what I need as opposed to sitewide on some pages. 

I am in no way a developer but I understand the language and needs of the website, I just need someone to speak the same language as me and make my site fully compatible. 

Can anyone offer help at an affordable cost? I need experts here, not bots or assistants just pushing quotes and information about how great their services willy nilly. 


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I can help with that. Share your details and I can take a look.


Hello. I would be happy to take a look at your website for you. Can you attach your link?