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My business partner & I are halfway through setting up our store. Something has come up that's causing us to pause the store setup project for about 6 months. I'd really like to avoid paying $30/month for Shopify for 6 months when we aren't using it. Is it possible to export the store and temporarily cancel the Shopify account? And then import everything in 6 months to pick up where we left off when we're ready?

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Hello EmersonAndCross

Shopify offers Pause or Pause and build options if you do not have time to finish the setup. As long as your store is on a paid plan and is past the 60 days mark from the trial period, then you should be eligible. 

  • The Pause and Build plan let you pause your storefront and continue to work on your store for a reduced subscription fee of $9/month. You can access your Shopify admin to optimize your store and edit your products, but your checkout is disabled. This means that your customers can visit your store and browse your products, but they can't purchase your products.
  • The Pause plan lets you pause your store for three months and pay no subscription fee. While you're paused, you can step away from your store completely and focus on other priorities.

You should be able to see this option on your Shopify Admin Settings under Plans. 

However, if you need help in setting up your store maybe admin or design but just do not have the time now, we can help. You can contact us at

Hope this helps!

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