Need website open to the "Shop" page right away BUT still land on a separate HOME page when clicked

Need website open to the "Shop" page right away BUT still land on a separate HOME page when clicked

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This is for "" website. I want the ability for someone to land right on my "Shop" page when they click my site BUT when they click "Home", that will be the "Home" page. Not the initial "Shop" page that they landed on when they first clicked in. 


Does that make sense? I want my sections to stay the same (right now it's Home, Shop, About, Shipping&Handling, Contact). 


So if someone is interested in viewing the "Home" page, they can but when they initially go into my site, they will be first directed to my "Shop" page. 


I'm trying to eliminate that extra click they need to do in order to shop. I like my home page but it is an extra click away that I want to change. 



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Hi @GCStudio 

It cannot be but you can add your product to homepage (add featured product section) and then customize your homepage same a product page so they can buy your product directly on your homepage. 

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Hello @GCStudio 👋

In short, it is not possible. You can only redesign your homepage to be the shop page, and create a subpage named "Home". That is a workaround.

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This solution is not recommend as this might have negative impact on SEO. However if you still want to implement this, try adding below codes to your theme file.

   e.addEventListener("click", function() {
      localStorage.setItem("linkClicked", "true");
        console.log('visited by clicking link');
    if(window.location.pathname == "/"){
        console.log('Home Page visited first time so redirecting');


Steps to add this code:

Step 1: Go to Online Store > Themes > Active theme > Edit




Step 2: Search for "theme.liquid"




Step 3: Add the CSS above "</body>"



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