Needing Guidance to post my existing store

Needing Guidance to post my existing store

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Hello!  I have an existing website, and have just finished getting it up on Amazon. I would like to promote my items here as well, but dont know where to begin. I seen the "Hire A Partner" tab but im note sure which partner to hire.  im all ears for guidance. Thanks for any help! 

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Hi, @10kmonth 


Congrats on launching your store to Amazon!


I understand you are looking to promote your store on Shopify. Please note, however, Shopify is not a marketplace. As such, there's no where to promote your store in Shopify itself.


That being said, you can connect many more marketplaces to your store. Additionally, you can promote your store itself through organic marketing and paid ads such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 


I hope that helps! In the meantime, feel free to share your store with me so I can take a look and provide any feedback I may come across.

Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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I've been a Shopify partner for 10+ years but have also been a Shopify store owner for 7, here are some tips:


• When hiring people, ask for case studies and recommendations from past clients. Case studies are key, especially in marketing.


• For marketing help, ask them to propose a strategy that will give a good chance of a positive ROI on your store.


• Set up Google Shopping / Google Ads. This is the quickest way to get some targeted traffic and test whether people like your product / offer.


• Find advertising networks to get on where the app / service handles the ads for you, and only charges a commission on conversions. See Tip #1 on my Shopify Automation Tips guide here for an example and explanation.


• Don't get locked into long contracts or big projects. Hire someone for 1 specific project, or for 1 month, whichever makes sense for the kind of work being done. Pause after that experiment, then analyze the data and decide whether the ROI is worth it to continue. If it's a positive ROI, continue indefinitely. If it's not, determine whether more time is needed or it's just not worth it.


• Always be experimenting with new marketing tacts and strategies. Subscribe to Shopify podcasts and newsletters to get tips.


Good luck.



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