New customer account pages and new order status page

New customer account pages and new order status page

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After lot of chatting with Shopify team, I finally learnt that Shopify intentionally share it's branding on our cost when we switch to the 'new customer login' from classic. Firstly, by hosting the log in page on<shop_id>/auth. and secondly by sending the OTP mail for login only from Shopify mailer instead of our custom mail. Creating subdomain as and purchasing were all not helping. 
Now, I am trying to use the 'New' order status page with classic login. Technically it is supposed to work because with classic login I can see the checkout page is having the modern look. But after switching back to classic login and the Settings>Customer Account>New customer accounts>Configurations>Customize OR Settings>Checkout>Configurations>My Store configuration>Customize (Both ways you reach at same place) and from there choosing "Order Status" from top dropdown is giving me only the 'preview' of the new look which embedded the image of ordered item and more details but once return to real website all I am seeing is the tables type classic view with less information.

Can anyone help? I have tried to use Add App Block but it ends up in adding referral link of Reviews and their team says I have to upgrade my Shopify from Basic to Plus!
So either way you go, you have to either upgrade Shopify or Allow them to share brand with you? Am I right? Can anyone show me any other way to use the new order status page with classic log in? Thanks


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Need to check the code from our side. If you want you can contact us for the same

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