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Wondering how people feel about the "new customer accounts" that allow customers to receive a one-time code to login as an alternative to the "classic" accounts with login/password?


Unfortunately, with new accounts, the customer is redirected from your domain to to enter their email address to get the code (rather than staying on your own domain like with classic accounts).  That's a big negative IMO.


I hope Shopify reconsiders as It's confusing to shoppers to have the branding shift from our stores, to Shopify (with the shopify favicon even showing in the address bar) to enter their email address.   I hope they are able to adjust this later.


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If you want to offer a similar OTP-enabled login while retaining the user experience and branding, you can consider trying the No-Account Repeat Order PRO app.


While it is not a full membership app, it offers an embeddable order history that lets your customers access their previous orders and make repeat orders with 1 click.


Because you can embed it anywhere (a custom page, homepage, thank you page, or even footer), customers complete the whole OTP login and repeat order process on your Shopify store.


You can try the app for free here (5 days free trial)







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I think this is really bad. I like the new feature of re-order, but I think the customer should be able to choose. Emails might not push immediately, land in spam or the customer finds another important email while waiting for the one time code, gets distracted and doesn't make the purchase.

Not sure if Shopify really thought this through. Why not leaving the regular login option? Most customers will use apple or googles password solutions.