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New Inventory Transfer Interface (Part II)

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A couple of months back, Shopify implemented a new, improved Inventory Transfer page that wasn't quite ready for prime time.  To their credit, Shopify quickly rolled it back to the previous version and all was well with Inventory Transfers once again.  Sometime in the past 24 hours, Shopify has once again rolled out a new Inventory Transfer page.  The good news is this time around, almost all previous functionality is still intact.  However, there is one area where previous functionality took a step backward - the "Tracking Number".  Like the previous version, when you enter a tracking number Shopify automatically populates the "Shipping Carrier".  However, the previous version went one step further - Shopify would then automatically create a live link for the tracking number.  This made it VERY convenient to tracking incoming inventory transfers from within Shopify. There was no need to copy/paste the tracking number to the clipboard, visit the shipping carrier's website, paste the tracking number, etc..  I have contacted Shopify and requested this functionality be re-instated in the new Transfer interface.  I would encourage other Shopify users who use this functionality to do the same.  Thank you.

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In addition, I'm not liking the new quantities fields. Previously, one could just click in the field and type the quantity. Now, its defaulted to a quantity of 1, so the user is required to delete the 1 prior to typing in the needed quantity. Why add required steps and slow down the process? I don't understand the logic behind this decision.

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100% Bob, very annoying the whole "1" quantity.