New product is active but will not show on the website

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I have a well established store that I've been running for 2 years. I have created a new product, it is active, everything is as it should be but it will not show in my online store. I've deleted and re created multiple times but it still doesn't show. I've tried adding it to a different collection to see if that's the issue, still doesn't show. I cannot understand?!

Help is really appreciated as I'm at my wits end. 

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please send me the store URL

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Did you check the sales channels to confirm you included it online?  When you view the listing from the product page, what are you seeing?

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Ensure that the product is set to be visible on your Online Store. Go to your Shopify admin, navigate to Products, select the product, and check the Visibility settings.


Check the product's inventory settings to ensure that it's in stock. If the product is out of stock, it may not be displayed on your website.


Confirm that the variant (if applicable) you are trying to display is also in stock.

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