New Products Not Displaying in Product Type or as Available

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I was creating listings, I copied one to create a new one and all of the sudden I am having issues.


The last item I created is active, available in all channels, has stock and shows up when I click "show all products" but it does not show up anywhere else.


For example, this shows I have 39 items, but only 38 are "in stock" - but this has stock available. Also, I put it in the "coasters" product type, but it is not showing up (it is the 5th item in that product type, yet it only shows 4).


I have waited a few hours to see if it was just slow to update, nothing.


I tried adding a new, different, product tag to see if that would show up, nothing.


I tried creating a brand new item from scratch, same issue.


I tried renaming it, nothing.


I tried resaving my theme, nothing.


Not sure what is going on here, as now no new products I add are coming up in the product type filter or as available (even though they show up on the site). 


How can I fix this?


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