New Store Credit Feature / New Customer Accounts / Classic Customer Accounts

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Please raise a feature request.

Your new store credit system I've previewed is only available for "New Customer Accounts".

Please also include this for classic accounts.

Using the "New Customer Accounts" is a huge problem for older customers who struggle to use computers let alone switching between programs to just log in to a website.

Not to mention shifting potential customers away from your website to get a code to log in leaves the ability for the customer to get distracted by other emails instead of logging back into your website.

While the store credit feature is probably the best thing Shopify has released since sliced bread and everyone's been crying out for it, not having it available to such a large portion of Shopify users seems counter-intuitive.

Note for Shopify Developers:

While I understand that you're trying to attempt to make the account management process easier to use as well as increase security around the customer account, I don't believe forcing the website admins to choose one option or the other is the best way to go about it.

An idea that I won't claim is mine but I believe it was suggested on another discussion board is to give the customer the option to choose how they wish to log in to their account. Email and Password - or - Email and Authentication Code.

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