New to Shopify, curious how I can sell and ship my stickers similar to how I sell them on Etsy.

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Hey everyone, I’m new to Shopify and have a few questions.


I currently run a small art shop on Etsy and I want to offer customers the option to buy directly from my site as opposed to having to go somewhere else.


My biggest worry about the transition though is how I sell my stickers.


On Etsy, I use the Pitney Bowes letter option to ship them, which is limited tracking, but nonetheless provides proof it shipped. It’s the same price as a stamp too, but just turns it into a regular package label. If I send the stickers with a regular stamp they could get lost and I’d have no way of knowing. The cost to ship the stickers as a regular flat package is also more than the stickers themselves.


I see that Shopify has its own integrated shipping or I can use something like Pirate Ship. Do either of these or another shipping label company offer something similar to what I currently use?


Secondly, would I be able to offer a bundle discount on my stickers (I currently offer a discount when someone buys more then one)?

I use the personalization and drop down menu for this on Etsy, it’s a bit of a pain, but great for people who want to bundle different designs.


Not sure if Shopify has something a bit easier or if I can connect an app that will do this for me.


Any help is much appreciated!

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