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currently, when people intent to subscribe our news letter, they need to enter their email address first and confirm the subscription in their email when they enter their email address to subscribe, I wish to change to one step,

also, a friend tried to subscribe the other day and the feedback is that after subscribe it on the website, they have to confirm it via email, then it's successful. is there any chance we can cancel that step?

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Hi @Arhamabbas 

If you want users to subscribe and are immediately added to your subscriber list without confirming the subscription, you can turn off Shopify double opt-in. 

From your Shopify Admin, please go to Settings > Notifications, scroll down to Email Marketing, and untick the double opt-in option.​




Also, I would love to recommend you AVADA Email Marketing, which can help you create and set up subscribes form and popup form easily with a bundle of beautiful premade templates. And AVADA offers this feature for FREE. 

If you feel like my answer is helpful, please mark it as a SOLUTION. Let me know if you have any questions!

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When I unclick the doubl-opt in, it does not save the un-checked box when I leave the page. It keeps going back to having the box checked by default. Is there a step I'm missing to eliminate this feature? I do not want the double opt-in for my Store. I would like a single opt-in. Thanks for your time!

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hi, did you ever figure this out? i'm having the same problem!

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Me too!? Pain in the butt, maybe it’s because I haven’t verified my sender email but mine is unchecked and still sends the confirmation 

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Check my solution I just commented

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I've found a solution for mine! Such a silly bug. If you have Klayvio or another email app, navigate to the opt in settings - For Klayvio - lists and segments - newsletter - settings - consent. Have both Shopify AND this page open and select single opt in on both pages. Worked for me. Hope this helps..