No customer details in order when customer selects Pick Up and pays via PayPal

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A client came to us with a unique issue, where some of their orders had no customer information except for an email address.  No Customer Name, and no Billing Address.

When looking into it, I found that in the example order I was given, the customer had opted to Pick Up their order, and to pay for it using PayPal.

I tested this checkout flow on their website, and the reason for no customer details appears to be because when they select these two options, they never need to enter their details.

When they select Pick Up, the Shipping Address disappears and they don't need to complete it.

Then when they select PayPal, the Billing Address disappears and they don't need to complete that either.


Is there a setting that can be turned on/off to force the customer to enter their details on the Payment page even if they select the PayPal option.  Or is there maybe an issue with this client's PayPal account/app that is stopping the customer's details being sent back to the order with the payment confirmation?
Or is there another way we can get the customer's details that I'm missing?

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maybe it's some kind of bug

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N°1 result on google, no answer...
That's kidda real bug, pls any advice to fix it ?