No customer service available on Shopify anymore

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There is no customer service on Shopify anymore. The links for help go to AI and it keeps logging into support center with links and they go no where, you cannot find a chat button anywhere. When I did find a link to chat in one of the other posts on this community it got to a support chat and the person could not understand my issue, English and had no answers to help me. The days of support are over. Do not expect help from Shopify personnel with English speaking capability anymore. It is dead. I been on here since 2014 and we used to have a phone number and a chat and people who could help. Basically you are on your own for every. 


My issue is with a customer who threatened chargeback, so to avoid that I refunded the one item she said she did not receive. I have all proof she got the item. I got no help with a post office claim since the box is long gone. I did not know at the time that Shopify will back me up on a chargeback. I will never refund again. 

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