No sale but 1000+ sessions

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Can anyone please review my store and suggest any changes coz I’m not at all getting sales but my store sessions got 1000+. 

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@Zipkart - what is your primary market? I ask because when I clicked on your URL it defaulted to the USA (which is great, since that is where I am) however all of the pricing are in Rs - so if you are in fact selling to the US you would need to be sure that your pricing converts to USD - otherwise visitors will bounce quickly. 


On your hero image you have an overlay that states "get yourself advanced with our products" - perhaps either changing that to your slogan or even eliminating that and doing a text box under the hero image welcoming people and a short message giving them the crux of what your store is about would be more beneficial. You should be engaging the visitor by concisely telling them what makes your product something they absolutely need now.


You currently have three products in the store, which is fine, but you don't need the current menu as everything in the menu is on the home page. If you are keeping the menu, I would leave the "contact us" there and remove it from the home page below. I would also add a FAQ to the menu, and I would also eliminate the collection carousel, as it contains the three products that are showcased immediately underneath it.


Your free shipping textbox should be moved to below your welcome, or it may even be better to include that message in your header as an announcement.


Your hero image does not relate to any of your products - I would have a lifestyle photo of one of your products being used, if possible.


Check your product descriptions. I opened up the spaceman projector to find the description for a vacuum. In addition, again of you will be selling to the US, check the grammar used in the text boxes on the photos, some of it doesn't make sense as if it is a poor translation, and that will confuse and ultimately cause someone to bounce.


Again, going back to the product I opened, I would be sure to explain the difference between the three options (App, USB, Rechargeable), as if someone cannot quickly figure out what one they would want, they won't ask, they will leave.  You also have the description in English, however in red there is this: APP-Stil: Plug-Stil Wiederaufladbar: Batterieversion which seems out of place as that is not English.


You should add a footer menu with your shipping policy, return/refund policy, etc .


I would consider choosing a slightly lighter color for the header and footer, as the black header is too dark for your logo, so it really isn't standing out.


I think you have some cool products, just a few tweaks will help engage your visitors more and encourage the add to carts. Let me know if you have any follow up questions, happy to help. 😊





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Hi @Zipkart. I think your promotion is great, but it's not getting much attention because the text is quite small. Why don't you try making it stand out by using product labels and badges? This can help customers make quick decisions before they leave your website.




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I could give you hundreds of reasons, but it's best to look at the recommendations below. Shopify is just a foundation; it doesn't guarantee sales. You can succeed by doing the right things with the right people.



  1. Grow Using Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Get Good Design In Mobile And Desktop Version
  3. Make The Website Work Fast
  4. Send Bulk Emails And Discount Coupons At Regular Intervals.
  5. Establish Your Target Audience.
  6. Work With A Good Team Or People In Software.
  7. Encourage Repeat Business.
  8. Offer Complementary Products.
  9. Offer Upsells And Cross-Sells.
  10. Market To All Stages Of The Funnel.
  11. Work With Influencers.
  12. Calculate Profit, Loss, and Costs from Your Sales with Your Software.
  13. Ship Globally.

You can take only one or a couple, but within the time you should do all of these!



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