no sales. what am i doing wrong?

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After a week of solid paid advertising, i am getting the traffic but still no sales. This is almost 2 months of no sales. what can i fix? I tried a lot of different things so far like redesigning my website and revising all the products, so my spectrum isn't so broad.

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yes whats that mean


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hey @CullenVillen20 
There are the following issues I think you need to know:
- Just running ads with traffic doesn't mean there will be orders or customers will buy
- The fact that you are modifying your website and products is one of many tasks related to optimizing the website to sell products. I can suggest other optimization tasks:
+ Put tracking like Google Analytics on your site and place event codes from Google tag manager (GTM)
+ Set pixel code if you run Facebook ads
+ I don't see you talking about advertising optimization, running ads is very important as it helps you target target customers who have the highest purchasing needs. To optimize advertising, a lot of work is needed.
+ There are also other non-paid marketing methods that still bring traffic to you such as SEO, Seeding, locating in communities related to your niche..
These are a few suggestions from me. If you want to discuss more, please leave me a comment. If you find it useful, please let me know.
Thank you.

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