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Hello I don’t seem to be getting any sales or traffic on my store

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To turn visitors into loyal buyers, the first step is attracting them to the online store. Imagine that this business is a funnel, and in order to get more sales, you need to get more targeted traffic. Focusing on the top of the funnel, this strategy below aims to increase visibility and draw in more traffic through Content and Social Media Marketing. Here are the key steps:

Content and Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Identify Your Target Audience:
- Define customer personas: Create profiles of ideal customers.
- Understand their interests and online behavior: Research where they spend time online.

Content Creation:
- High-quality blog posts: Write informative articles relevant to the audience.
- How-to guides, tutorials, and product reviews: Provide useful content to help customers make decisions.
- Engaging videos: Produce videos like unboxings and tutorials.
- Infographics: Use visuals to present information clearly.

Social Media Strategy:
- Choose the right platforms: Focus on where the audience is most active (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok).
- Post consistently: Mix promotional, educational, and entertaining content.
- Use stories, reels, and live videos: Engage followers with dynamic content.
- Relevant hashtags: Increase reach with popular hashtags.

Engagement in Social Media Groups:
- Join active groups: Participate in groups where the audience is.
- Provide value: Engage in discussions and offer helpful insights without direct promotions.
- Share helpful content: Post useful blog content in these groups.

Influencer Marketing:
- Collaborate with influencers: Partner with influencers in the same niche.
- Use micro-influencers: Target smaller, more specific audiences.

User-Generated Content:
- Encourage sharing: Motivate customers to share their experiences.
- Repost content: Share user-generated content on the store’s social media.

Email Marketing:
- Build an email list: Use sign-up forms and incentives.
- Send newsletters: Regularly update with news, promotions, and valuable content.
- Segment the email list: Target campaigns based on customer preferences.

Implementing these steps will boost online visibility, attract more visitors, and set the stage for converting them into loyal customers. Once you have traffic, then you need to focus on your conversion rate, making visitors to buyers. In this case, you can do A/B test and optimize your product page etc. 

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Hi @Ladypelles,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'd be happy to provide some assistance with this request, to ensure it gets resolved. To gather a bit more information, could you please share your current marketing strategies with me?


If you haven't done so already, I'd encourage you to check out this guide. It shares 21 different ways that you can drive traffic to your online shop to help make sales. It also touches on some key questions that you should be asking yourself as a business owner when it comes to selling online. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions after reviewing the guide shared above! 

Blair | Shopify 
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Hi @Ladypelles 


Could you provide a link to your store? It'll help give more relevant advice. Below I'll give some generic advice, hopefully it'll help give you some ideas.


Growing a website can take a lot of time and effort, but once you setup the right channels to grow traffic, your website will have a constant stream of people who may convert into sales. It is important that you understand your target audience really well and where they hang out.


One option is growing your organic channels such as ranking well in Google. Which means building a blog. When doing so you want to write about your products, talk about why they are great, maybe give some exploration into the problem they are solving. This should eventually help to gain some traffic. But of course it depends on what you are writing about.


I would recommend trying out the free tools provided by Semrush and Ahrefs to check out other websites similar to yours and what keywords they are ranking for. Once you have a list of around 5 keywords that have a decent level of traffic and low difficulty, think about content to write around them, but do not copy other people, bring something original and high quality and it will last longer in a well ranked position in Google search results pages.


You can also look into using an AI tool like ChatGpt to give you guidance and to write an article outline to help you get started. But remember growing online can take a long time, and depends on a number of factors. Just focus on a specific niche, provide great advice to them and eventually the sales will follow.



Check out Blogity in the Shopify app store, try it out and let me know what you think.