No store activity last two days

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For the last two days, analytics within shopify indicates no (or few) visitors.
However in GA4, visits are recorded.

Any idea how I can solve this?

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There could be a few reasons for the discrepancy in the number of visitors between Shopify analytics and GA4. Here are a few things you can check:

  1. Check if the Shopify tracking code is properly installed on your website. You can check this by going to your website and viewing the source code to ensure that the Shopify tracking code is present.

  2. Check if the tracking code is firing correctly. You can do this by using a browser extension like Google Tag Assistant to see if the Shopify tracking code is firing on your website.

  3. Make sure that any ad-blockers or privacy plugins are not blocking the tracking code. These plugins can sometimes prevent tracking codes from firing correctly.

  4. Check if there are any issues with your website's server or hosting. If your website is experiencing downtime, this could affect the tracking data.

  5. Check if there are any issues with the data processing in Shopify. Sometimes, there can be delays in data processing that can result in temporary discrepancies in analytics data.

  6. Ensure that you are comparing the same metrics across both platforms. For example, if you are comparing "visits" on Shopify with "sessions" on GA4, this could result in different numbers as these metrics are not identical.

It's also worth noting that Shopify analytics and GA4 use different tracking methodologies and algorithms, which can sometimes lead to differences in data.




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what is shopify tracking code supposed to look like?

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Hello @Mattpeeters,

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Here are some steps you can take to try to resolve the issue of discrepancy between the number of visitors reported in Shopify analytics and GA4.

1. Check your tracking codes
Ensure that your tracking codes are installed correctly on your website. Make sure that the tracking codes match in Shopify and GA4.

2. Check the time zone
Make sure that the time zone in your Shopify store and GA4 are the same. This will ensure that the data is reported accurately.

3. Check the date range
Make sure that the date range you're looking at in both Shopify and GA4 is the same. It's possible that the data is being reported for different time periods.

4. Clear your cache and cookies
Clearing your cache and cookies can sometimes resolve tracking issues.

5. Check for filters
Ensure that you don't have any filters applied in your GA4 reports that may be excluding data.

6. Check your referral sources
Check your referral sources to see where your traffic is coming from. It's possible that traffic is being misattributed in one of the platforms.

7. Reach out to Shopify and Google Analytics support
If you're still experiencing issues, it may be helpful to reach out to the support teams for both Shopify and GA4. They may be able to provide more specific guidance on how to resolve the issue.

Overall, it's important to ensure that your tracking codes are installed correctly and that you're comparing data for the same time period and time zone. If you're still having trouble, reaching out to support teams can be helpful.


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