no way to add new variants in bulk to existing products!

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I have asked Shopify for help but wondering if anyone else is frustrated by this: How do I bulk add NEW variants to all my products? I have over 200 art print products and I have about ten new variants in price and frame material I need to add to all. I can't add the new variants one by one - way too laborious. How do I do it in bulk? I tried some other apps to do it but I now have to delete the variants I added through Shopify one by one. I can't believe Shopify would not have a process to add NEW variants as a bulk action to ALL existing products. I can't add TEN new variants to every single product by hand. I am very very frustrated by this. Surely I can't be the only one complaining about this?

Yes, there are apps that supposedly help but they are CSV based and I don't work that way. One of the bulk edit apps recommended in a Shopify expert post (Bulk Edit by Webzyne) has terrrible reviews and the other one (Bulk Product Edit) didn't do what I needed. This should be a basic function of Shopify - I should not have to pay extra.

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