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Hello everyone, I need assistance with implementing a 'Notify Me' option in my theme. This option should be available for products that are currently out of stock. When a customer clicks on the 'Notify Me' button, an email field will be displayed, prompting the customer to enter their email address. After the product is restocked, the customer should receive a notification via email.

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Hey @MerajUddin


Building this will be not a small amount of work. I'd recommend to use an app in this case. I've used this one before and it did the trick:


If time is your ally in this endeavor and you need to build it yourself, the front-end side is very simple to implement using HTML inputs. Where it gets tricky is the database of customers that sign up for specific products, (you could autotag the customer with the product ID) and then use some ESP to send the back in stock alerts when stock is back (if automated, probably will be a bit of work). 


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Hello @MerajUddin 


To be honest, I've never seen a theme offering this feature. It's quite complicated and requires a connection to both front and back-end, so usually you would find app providers for this.


I suggest you try FoxKit All-in-one Sales Boost that offers this as the feature back-in-stock alert


The app it's completely free to start, and it offers a bunch of other psells, cross-sells, and sales-boosting features that can greatly improve your conversion and sales.


Hope this helps 🙂

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