Oauth error missing_shopify_permission: write_own_subscription_contracts

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I am trying to enable `write_own_subscription_contracts` on my unpublished Shopify app. Do I also need to get access to the Subscriptions API for an unpublished app?



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Best regards @sanjogkarki947 
My answer is Yes

Private applications are unable to implement subscriptions due to their inability to access protected scopes. Documents outlining access scopes clearly identify permissions requiring access with a red title "permissions required" and the privilege "write_own_subscription_contracts" among them.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the document available at: https://shopify.dev/docs/api/usage/access-scopes.



However, you have the option to develop a custom app from your partner's dashboard and request access to subscriptions. I suggest thoroughly reviewing the documentation to ensure your app aligns with the approval criteria. Here are the steps to follow after creating the custom app in the dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your app's page in the Partner Dashboard and click on "App Setup."
  2. In the Subscriptions section, click on "Request access to the Subscriptions API."
  3. Provide a description explaining why you are applying for access.
  4. Click on "Request access" to submit your request.

I trust the information provided above proves beneficial to you.


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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I need a webhook to send a request to my system to update data whenever someone subscribes to our package. How can I achieve this? Currently, I am handling it in my private app.