Offers on Subscription

Offers on Subscription

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What type of/is there any discount or offers that I can get on subscription with Shopify partner program?

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @homecare

The Shopify Partner Program offers several benefits, including potential discounts and offers on subscriptions, such as:

- Development Stores: Create unlimited development stores for free. These stores can be used for testing, development, and client demonstration purposes.

- Revenue Share: Shopify Partners earn a revenue share for each client store they bring to Shopify. 

- Shopify Plus Sandbox Store: For Shopify Plus Partners, there is access to a Shopify Plus sandbox store, which allows you to demonstrate and test Shopify Plus features.

- App and Theme Development: If you're developing apps or themes, you can list them in the Shopify App Store or Theme Store.

- Exclusive Events and Training: Partners have access to exclusive events, webinars, and training sessions that can provide valuable insights and networking opportunities.

- Partner Dashboard: Access to a dedicated Partner Dashboard to manage client stores, track earnings, and access resources.

- Shopify Subscription Discounts: Occasionally, Shopify offers discounts on subscriptions for partners.
- Extended Trials: Partners can offer extended trial periods to their clients, allowing more time to evaluate Shopify’s features before committing to a subscription.

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