Old metafields not displaying on new theme

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We recently switched to a new theme for our store (used to be Craft, now it is Refresh).  We have metafields assigned to each product, as well as a drop-down menu on each product page that displays the information in these metafields.  After we switched to the new theme, the drop-downs are empty and not displaying the metafield info.  If I create a new metafield it shows up, but obviously I would prefer not to remake 3-4 metafields each for hundreds of products.  Is there a simpler way to have the old metafields appear on the new theme?  Shopify help says it's possible but I can't find an explanation of how to do it.

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Your new theme might not have reference to the old metafields in the code hence you have this issue. Either you check the previous theme code to see how the metafields key and value are referencing on the code or create new ones. 

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Hi @theengravers ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Your product metafields aren't displaying in the new Refresh theme, although they worked in the old Craft theme.

Possible Reasons:

  • Theme incompatibility
  • Missing code in Refresh theme


  1. Check Refresh Theme Documentation: Look for guides on using metafields within the theme.
  2. Contact Refresh Theme Developer: If the documentation isn't helpful, reach out to the developer for guidance.
  3. Consider Shopify Expert: For complex solutions or code modifications, consider hiring a Shopify expert.

Additional Tips:

  • Search Shopify Help Center for "metafields" and "theme customization".
  • Check Shopify community forums for similar issues.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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