One inventory "warehouse" that supplies all POS locations

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On Friday when I logged in to shopify the inventory system was totally different.  Another crappy update shopify forced on us without the functions we need.  (dont get me started about how much I hate shopify, thats a different post).

I have one brick and mortar store where I house all the inventory.  I also do popup shows at a few different locations for one day every month durning the summer.  And I sell online.  Inventory used to be all consolidated so when something sold it was just taken out of inventory.  Now this new update has separate inventory for each location.  My locations do not have inventory, it is all just the stores inventory.  I take some products with me, sell them, and then return what is left.  This saturday after the update, I sold at a pop up and none of the inventory was removed from my stores numbers.  All I need to do is link locations inventory.  This sounds like something so basic and obvious but Shopify is clueless. 


I have talked to two different "customer service" reps and they have not been helpful at all.  Actually one lady was just super argumentative and trying to convince me that they made the change because "everyone" was asking for it, and that it is much better this way. I cannot be the only person who sells at popups for an afternoon and doesnt want to sit there for hours updating inventory before AND after each show.  

Obviously having location inventory is necessary (shocking they just now added this function).  But that doesnt mean you can't have separate and linked inventory locations.  I am sure if I paid the extra $360 a month to get all my locations on POS pro they would have a solution, but I am not paying money for a POS system that sucks. 


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Hi @Rivertowninkery,

I think ConnectPOS has the solution for you. We support managing multiple locations by assigning 1 Shopify location to only 1 outlet in the app. If the products from your popup store are in this particular location, the app will only show them in the assigned outlet. Wherever you buy, the inventory will be updated correspondingly.

You can take a look at our app here or book a free demo so we can show you more. 

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