One product with more variant but only 1 quentity.

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I wanna create a product that have 3 variant but only 1 quentity. 

The product gotta show the variant in the shop but when it sell one product it gotta count down from the same quentity nomatter what variant it sell..


Is that possibly? 

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Hi @MohsenKhaled


Creating a product with three variants but a shared inventory of just one unit in Shopify is a bit unconventional, but it can be done with a workaround. Here's a step-by-step guide to set this up:

  1. Create Your Product in Shopify:

    • Go to your Shopify admin.
    • Click on 'Products', then 'Add product'.
    • Fill in the details for your product.
  2. Add Variants:

    • While adding the product, you can add variants.
    • Click on 'Add variant' and enter the details for each of the three variants you want to offer.
  3. Set Up Inventory for Variants:

    • Normally, each variant can have its own inventory. However, since you want all three variants to share the same single inventory, you'll need to use a manual workaround.
    • Set the inventory of each variant to '1'. This means each variant initially shows as having one unit available.
  4. Implement a Manual Adjustment System:

    • Shopify doesn't natively support shared inventory across variants. To work around this, you'll need to manually adjust the inventory each time a sale is made.
    • After a sale, you would manually reduce the inventory of the other two variants to '0'. This ensures that no more than one unit is sold in total.
  5. Monitor Your Inventory Closely:

    • You'll need to stay alert to sales notifications. As soon as one variant is sold, immediately adjust the inventory of the other variants.
    • This approach requires diligent inventory management to ensure accuracy.
  6. Consider Using an App:

    • There might be Shopify apps available that can help automate this process by linking variant inventories. Explore the Shopify App Store for inventory management apps that might offer this feature.
  7. Update Product Description:

    • Clearly state in your product description that there is only one unit available in total, regardless of the variant chosen. This transparency is important to avoid customer confusion or disappointment.
  8. Test Your Setup:

    • Before going live, test the buying process to ensure everything works as expected. Make a test purchase for each variant and check if the inventory updates correctly.

Remember, this workaround relies heavily on manual intervention and close monitoring. If your store sees a high volume of traffic, this method might be risky, as two customers could potentially purchase different variants before you have a chance to update the inventory. Always consider the operational implications of such a setup in the context of your business's scale and resources.


Hope it helps! 😉

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Thanks. But this is not gonna work. I can't manuel set the count down every time i have a sale..


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Hi @MohsenKhaled,

I recommend addressing your concern through the Easify Product Options app (Free plan available).


Rather than following the conventional method of creating variants, consider utilizing custom options within the app. This approach eliminates the need to assign specific quantities to individual variants. Moreover, you can set the product quantity to 1 as desired.


Here's a concise guide tailored to your scenario. Let's use the example of a product named "Ring Stone" where the unique quantity is 1, representing the singular stone. However, customers can choose from various ring sizes. To implement this using the Easify Product Options app 😊:


1. Storefront (Results):



2. Simple App Settings:

  • Create the "Stone Ring" product with a quantity of 1,without any additional options or variants.
  • Add the "Ring Size" option into the app, selecting one of the 26 option display types (e.g., Dropdown) to present this choice.



  • Add the "Ring Size" option to the original "Stone Ring" product.


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thanks. i think it's gonna work