only include standard shipping in free shipping discount code

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I need a way to only include standard shipping in free shipping discount code. I want to do free standard shipping on orders over 50$. I can do this in shipping settings but if someone uses more then one code it will not let them. Big issue. Customers need to use a free shirt code but seperatly use a 10% off code as it tracs an influencer. On top of this if they order over 50$ we would like o offer free shipping. I am at a loss, Does anyone know how to limit a cupon code to standard shipping?


Also changing the shipping amount to only go up to a certian dollar amount would not be viable. if someone orders well over 150$ in merch we still want there shipping to be free! HELP!

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To anybody looking for a new solution to restrict shipping discounts to certain shipping rates, you can now try Advanced Free Shipping.

Advanced Free Shipping uses Shopify's new API's to make this very easy to set up.
Ive recorded a brief video demo to illustrate how to do this.

Founder @ Advanced Free Shipping, create custom free shipping rules easily.
- Set Free-Shipping by 20 parameters; products, collections, customers + more
- No need for confusing Scripts or Carrier Calculated Shipping
- To learn more about 'Advanced Free Shipping' visit our Shopify app page here.