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Hi- I am building out a new store for a spice company (mine) and need some opinions on organizing recipes in the blogs.  My overall goal is to allow the customer to go to a designated page where they can see all the recipes associated with the product they purchased. In addition, I would like them to be able to see other recipes featuring other products to encourage them to try new things. 

My question is this... Should I place ALL the recipes in one blog entitled "recipes" and simply tag the recipes with the product name so I can sort on Shopify & pull up a URL to send the customer to that has all the "garlic" recipes on it... as this would allow for a "main" page that would show a multitude of recipes for different products... 



Should I create a separate blog for each product and put only the recipes for that product in the blog, giving me 19 different blogs with 10 recipes in each of them?

I'm trying to figure out the best, easiest and most effective way to organize this... any and al

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I would create 1 blog then have categories, then the categories be clickable in a sidebar.


Then create a system for automated recommendations... there might be an app or some code out there you could find already, but if not you could write some code for example to get all blog articles in the same category and randomly pick 3 to recommend, or you could tag the articles and organize that way.


Categories could be food categories + items, like clicking on garlic would show all articles tagged garlic, another category could be soup, etc.


I created a few blogs in different businesses, and think it depends on your goals and the business, but in general having categories on 1 single blog is nice - 1 central place to send everyone / link to you, then once inside, a way for the user to navigate if they're in exploration mode.


Good luck, and great idea creating content for your Shopify store. This is a tactic a low % of stores use, but it's highly beneficial for many reasons.

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Thanks so much for this insight. I was leaning in that direction, and you solidified it for me. I appreciate it!